Xpert is a leading provider of professional services, security technology, and cyber security staffing in the United States. We serve our customers from 25 offices in the USA. Xpert business development managers, consultants and security architects/engineers are differentied by our passion to serve customers with the highest capability and professionalism.

Xpert leads customers to success by delivering excellent operational leadership. We inject people with deep domain capability and we deploy smart technology to enable work process automation. We believe the complementary mix of operational leadship, intelligently capabable people and smart automation serves companies well in the efficient execution of business processes.

Xpert’s Beginning

As it typically happens in company beginnings, Xpert was founded by two engineers with an idea. In 2006 one engineer decided to leave his job to start a company founded upon the spirit of service excellence. After eighteen years of experience at both big public companies and small private firms this engineer had observed that customers were repeatedly experiencing poor service in pre-sales consultations and especially in post-sales service delivery. All too often there was a pattern of the friendly yet hurried faces of a pre-sales team bent on closing another sale before the end of the quarter or year. After the closing of the sale then came the closing of the door where the salesman and his sales engineer quickly moved on to the next opportunitity, leaving the customer again unsatisfied and wondering how he was going to make this new project work with his already overtasked schedule and limited staff.

Seeing this pattern of the quick sale and followed by the long, arduous and sometimes inept implementation left this engineer to think there must be a better way. What would happen if the salesman and sales engineer were not in such a hurry to close the sale, but were highly motivated to intelligently understand the customer’s environment, recommend a smart solution, and stand by the professional delivery of the of the work to the point of customer satisfaction? Was this even possible? As it turned out, it was not only possible but also rewarding for both the customer and Xpert.

After four years of leading the company in its early years the founding engineer reached out to his like-minded colleague to ask him to join the company leadership in 2010. These two engineers together would lead the company with the spirit of excellence in service delivery to serve customers in the western United States. Today Xpert is continually focused on serving customers with the same spirit of excellence delivered though teams of highly capable business development managers, security consultants, security architects and engineers all across the United States. If you are considering partnering with Xpert, we welcome the opportunity to serve you with a spirit of excellence.

Xpert Differentiators

Critical to Xpert’s ability to continually serve customers with excellence is our desire to attract and develop the very best people. From outward appearance Xpert people are quite ordinary. However, on the inside, Xpert people are truly extraordinary. Our inner spirit of care for our work and care for delivering on our commitments make us unlike any other people. Xpert business development managers, security consultants, security architects and engineers serve customers with a skill and professionalism born out of our company’s spirit of excellence. If you are energetic about elevating your skills to serve others we welcome the opportunity to talk with you about joining Xpert.

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