Web Application Firewall

In a recently published Data Breach Investigations Report, web applications are referred to as the “proverbial punching bag of the internet making websites and web applications the most common type of data breach”. Many threats to web applications exploit the fact that they are considered as valid traffic. Methods used by those with malicious intent include; exploiting weaknesses in the application, taking advantage of inadequate input validation, these vulnerabilities are exploited through the use of malware, phishing techniques or simply by impersonating a valid user. ​

XPERT Solutions Web Application Firewall (WAF) solutions and services include among others the following benefits:​

    • Application attacks can be stopped with laser precision before reaching a web server​
    • Instantly Patch Website and Application Vulnerabilities and protect faulty code from threats to:​
      • Operating system vulnerabilities​
      • Web server vulnerabilities​
      • Web application vulnerabilities​
    • Shut Down Malicious Sources And Bots
    • Gain Forensic Insight with customizable reports​
    • Speed up deployment without risk​