Database Firewall

A database is the primary repository and retrieval mechanism for an enterprise’s critical data—and protecting that database is crucial. As more application traffic moves over the web, sensitive data is exposed to new security vulnerabilities and attacks. Organizations need an end-to-end database security solution that can see all traffic, reduce exposure of unpatched database servers, and stop advanced targeted attacks. ​

A database firewall helps you avoid expensive breaches by effectively protecting databases from attacks, data theft, and loss.​

XPERT Solutions is staffed with qualified specialists that have years of experience deploying solutions that protect company databases in physical virtual and cloud environments. Our service offerings range from solution planning design and deployment to optimization and management. These experts understand the complexity of IT environments and can design and deploy a solution that enables your business to:​

Key Capabilities of Database Firewall​

    • Reduce security risk by seeing all traffic​
    • Stop advanced targeted threats
    • Stop attacks in real-tims
    • Reduce your window of exposure to attacks
    • Reduce security operations cost