Encryption Solutions

Concerns about business data security are on the rise. Between the recent Sony hack and a series of hacked credit card databases, corporations are becoming increasingly concerned about the long-term effects. It can be difficult to systematize security measures across various systems and devices; it’s too easy to pass over one or more, computers, laptops or mobile devices that should be included in a company’s security plan.​

One of the best solutions for this issue is encryption. Businesses that employ solid encryption methods in their computers, mobile devices, cloud systems, and other locations may not achieve 100 percent protection from malicious hackers and data thieves, but they reduce their vulnerability to such attacks, as well as the potential for financial losses. ​

XPERT Solutions encryption and cryptographic key services and solutions enable organizations to secure sensitive data in:

      • Email​
      • Databases​
      • Applications​
      • Storage systems​
      • Virtualized Platforms
      • Cloud Environments​