Identity Management & Access Control

Identity management and access control has evolved to be a core infrastructure requirement. Companies need to secure who has access to business applications and information. As regulatory pressure continues to grow, businesses need to be able to control and continuously monitor who has access to what. As the threat landscape changes and people are more worried about cybersecurity and identity theft companies have come to realize these concerns aren’t confined just to outside threats, companies need a risk-based access control solution that takes into consideration both external as well as internal threat risks.​

XPERT Solutions are expert at designing products and service offerings that when deployed enable enterprises to:​

  • Build a comprehensive identity management infrastructure with minimum disruption and lower risk​
  • Gain essential visibility to who has access to what level of information across the entire enterprise​
  • Detect security regulation and compliance violations​
  • Automate compliance and audit features
  • Increase productivity and flexibility​