Nearly all companies today have a wireless Internet network. They are no doubt practical, convenient, and very easy to use, but they also pose grave security risk to unsuspecting business unaware of the sophisticated techniques used by hackers intent on profiting from a company’s sensitive information assets. ​
Every device in a wireless network is important to security. Because a wireless LAN (WLAN) is a mobile network, companies need a thorough, multilayered approach to safeguard traffic to ensure that the network is safe from hackers and unauthorized users. ​

XPERT Solutions advocates a five-step approach for reducing risks to your wireless network:​

    • Create a wireless security policy.​
    • Secure the WLAN.​
    • Protect your wired network from wireless threats.​
    • Protect your company from outside threats.​
    • Educate employees on processes to keep critical business communications and sensitive data secure.​