Data Security Solutions

Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Xpert can help architect the right DLP solution for your organization. We can help your organization with Assessments, Design, Tuning and Optimization.

  • Meet your compliance needs, certain use cases
  • Assessment – Discover and classify your data
  • Design – gateway or endpoint

Advanced Malware Defense

With every new layer of cyber security you put in place, cyber attackers respond by evolving their own tools and techniques. It has become a game of cat and mouse. To combat this constantly changing threat Xpert proposes you try a new approach. Engage Xpert to deploy newer and smarter technology to change the game.

Security Information & Event Management

Simply monitoring and logging security events is no longer enough. Xpert helps organizations to detect, respond and prevent these threats by providing context awareness and visual insights to help you make faster and smarter security decisions. Xpert deploys analytics-driven security solutions.