Network Security Solutions

NextGen Firewall

Next-generation firewalls combine application-level inspection and deep-packet inspection to provide companies more control over applications being utilized. NextGen firewalls also provide other security services such as intrusion prevention (IPS), web-filtering, and virtual private network (VPN).
Xpert Solutions provides independent advice and recommendations as to the correct network firewall for your organization.


Xpert provides a complete strategy of proven authentication solutions. Whether securing authentication with one-time passwords (OTP) or electronic/digital signature, we can help provide the right solution.

Identity & Access Management (IAM)

IAM helps control and audit user and administrative access to systems. The solutions provide capabilities for granting access, granular delegation of “superuser” rights, session recording and key stroke logging of activity, and governance over privileged access and accounts. The results are enhanced security and compliance with more efficient “superuser” access administering, tracking and auditing.

IAM can provide the following solutions:

  • Password management – Automate, control and secure the entire process of administrative credentials.
  • User Monitoring and Recording – Improve security and compliance by limiting privileged access. Full-session recording and replay capabilities to simplify auditing.
  • Application passwords – Application-to-Application password management

Mobile Security (MDM/MAM)

Xpert can help your organization select the best mobile device management or mobile application management solution to integreate with the security policy enforced by your NextGen Firewall and Secure Wireless solutions.

Digital Information Rights Management

Whether your organization is larger or smaller, Xpert can help you to enforce access rights (read, write, print) to your digital assets as you share your digital information witin your enterprise and throughout your supply chain.